Weekend Perspective: Week of Nov. 4 – Nov. 8

RAIN’s Weekend Perspective summarizes the week’s important events for a weekend catch-up, and revives your weary frontal cortex for the coming week.


DAB+ in the Netherlands: The Dutch government has mandated nationwide switch-over to digital radio by 2017, and this week the infrastructure was completed, four years early. [READ]

Radio Search Engine: Michael Robertson’s new venture is a fresh way of interacting with radio. Instantly scan the global radio dial for any song or artist. RAIN reviews the site and talks with its creator. [READ]


YouTube Music Awards: They happened, but nobody watched. Well, under a million, which is nobody by YouTube standards. [READA guest column by Jennifer Lane argues that the event tells a story of industry disruption. [READ

Rdio adds personalization: Long time coming, but Rdio now gets smarter about its users over time. [READ]

Non-U.S. service make gains: Bloom.fm and Deezer both reach user-growth milestones. Bloom has 500,000 users and Deezer surpassed 10-million. [READ]

Spotify and Songkick: Songkick adds concert and tour information that matches up with the Spotify user’s music collection. [READ]


Triton Webcast Metrics for September: The monthly report came out this week, and RAIN provides four-year trend lines of webcast leaders, and year-over-year analysis. The charts tell a quick story. [READ]

Pandora audience metrics: The music-streaming service discloses its internal measurements at the start of each month. In October, listening was up, but listeners were down. Unsurprisingly, media commentary was mixed. [READ]

Weak weekly album sales: They reached the lowest point since 1991. RAIN commentary offers historical perspective on how the album has suffered as a product over 15 years, and whether streaming music hurts or helps. [READ]


iHeartRadio: The Clear Channel-owned listening platform announces a new head of programming, iHeart vet Chris Williams. At the same time, the service discloses that it has 40-million registered users. [READ]

Listn: The social music app gets $500k seed funding. RAIN reviews and analyzes the app, which collects the user’s entire music collection from all participating services, and fosters community. [READ]


Billy Bragg criticizes labels: Part of the ongoing, diversified “Spotify debate,” singer-songwriter Billy Bragg posts a Facebook statement to fellow musicians. The problem isn’t Spotify, he announces, it’s the label contracts. [READ

Brad Hill