Webby Awards spins off podcast award program for 2023

The Webby Awards, which since 1995 has been operating an annual ceremony for excellence on the internet, now announces a spinoff podcast award program. Called the Signal Awards, the first ceremony will be in January, 2023.

Early information about the Signal Awards sketches out a prize agenda based on podcast categories such as News, Sports, Crime, and Interview. Those standard category separations will be enhanced by awards for editing, writing, production, sound design, and other technical categories. We also see (in Deadline) a promise of innovative awards like Best Gateway Podcast and Road Trip Podcast.

“There is no denying the cultural impact of podcasts,” said executive and Webby Awards CEO David-Michel Davies. “But even with such tremendous growth, it is still incredibly hard for great work to get discovered. The Signal Awards will work with the industry to set the standard of excellence, be comprehensive in recognizing the work that meets that mark creating more opportunity for the best Podcasts and professionals to be discovered and stand out.”

Entries are solicited starting now, HERE — although that link is not working for us today. Submission deadline is May 6.


Brad Hill