Veritonic launches Audio Score, an audio effectiveness standard

Veritonic, a preeminent audio value technology platform, today announced its Audio Score — a measure of audio effectiveness that can be applied to audio ads, sonic brand elements like audio logos, voices, music, and scripts. The idea  is to apply a grading standard of effectiveness to any audio which is created to influence audiences and create deeper relationships with customers.

While technical details and specifications are not included in today’s release, four attributes to be measured are put forward:

  • emotional resonance
  • memorability (recall)
  • ability to drive purchase of the product
  • most engaging aspects

The score is delivered on a 1-100 scale. Benchmarks are part of the complete evaluation process for clients, who can weigh their assets against industry benchmarks such as industry sector and competitive sets.

Pandora is one audio publisher advocating for the Audio Score at launch. “Audio is quickly becoming the most critical channel for marketers to engage customers and creative is what engages them,” said Melissa Paris, Senior Director of Sales Research at Pandora. “Planning and executing an audio campaign without knowing, objectively, which creatives work best for each scenario is akin to leaving money on the table. A standard score like this makes that knowledge accessible and actionable — which in turn makes it a lot easier for our brand partners to maximize every dollar they spend.”


Brad Hill