Veritone introduces VeriAds network for commercial use

Veritone, an AI tech and solutions company, announced the full commercial launch for its VeriAds network. VeriAds is a suite of advertising monetization options for broadcasters, podcasters, and influencers. The system is powered by the company’s aiWARE platform, and it programmatically manages all ad sales, collections, and revenue distribution.

“We are excited to introduce VeriAds’ innovative suite of revenue solutions to the media industry,” said Drew Hilles, senior vice president of Veritone and head of VeriAds. “These programs open up a new avenue for all media partners – from radio and TV broadcasters to podcasters and social influencers – to generate new, incremental advertising revenue in a straightforward way that minimizes operational impact and doesn’t infringe on their existing inventory. The VeriAds suite of solutions also creates new advertising channels for brands, who can now access new native ad and influencer advertising opportunities.”

VeriAds includes three services. The VeriAds Spot Network is akin to programs for traditional broadcast networks, and is available to radio and TV clients. MicroMentions is a solution for on-demand live reads for broadcasters or podcasts. The third option is Influencer Bridge, a pay-per-performance ad platform to help creators maximize unsold inventory.

Anna Washenko