Universal sees Q4 revenue up thanks to streaming

Universal Music Group’s fourth-quarter results have been posted by parent company Vivendi, capping a big year and leaving any potential buyers with more information about what the label has to offer. UMG’s revenue for the period totaled €6.023 billion, up 10% at constant currency from the year-ago period. Recorded music revenue increased 9.8% and music publishing revenue rose 14.5%. Streaming and subscriptions were responsible for some of the recorded music growth, with 37.3% increased revenue. That growth helped offset declines in downloads and physical sales, which dipped 23.5% and 16.1%, respectively.

Vivendi is planning to sell a 50% stake in UMG this year, which would put the major label under new ownership.

Anna Washenko


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    • Another option our car has is a free trial of Sirius XM. We’re liking the variety of stations so much that we’re thinking about subscribing.

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