TuneCore going global with Believe Digital partnership

TuneCore canvasTuneCore announced that it is working with Believe Digital, an independent digital distributor and services provider based in Europe. Believe Digital offers digital music and video distribution, digital marketing and promotion services, synchronization and neighboring rights management, an in-house record label, and full label services to independent artists and labels across the globe.

This arrangement will allow TuneCore’s existing customers the option to have a la carte access the global services offered by Believe. The combined suite of services for artists and labels include connections to key digital partners such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, along with access to Believe’s team of digital marketing experts and video channel managers. TuneCore will also continue to make its worldwide revenue collection, data reporting, and customer service offerings available to the new customers. These services will not be bundled into the existing client costs for TuneCore, but the press release did not detail any pricing information.

Anna Washenko