Wednesdays on the phone: Triton Digital analyzes Canadian podcast listening

Triton Digital puts a focus on listening habits and top genres in its just-released Podcast Trends in Canada (HERE) report for 2023. This output is related to Triton’s ranking service at

Three highlights are presented with the report:

  • 92% of podcasts were listened to on a mobile device 
  • The top day of the week for listening is Wednesday with peak times being between 10am – 12pm EST 
  • Canada’s most popular podcast genres were True Crime, News, and Comedy, with an average of 3.0 hours of content downloaded per listener, per week 

An infographic offers detail:

SiriusXM Podcast Network is identified as the top sales network in Canada for the first six months of this year. That calculation is based on downloads (4.6-million per month). Wondery, CBC/Radio-Canada, and Audioboom also ran that race.

An extensive section analyzes most popular podcasts overall, by genre, and among newly started shows.

Brad Hill