Triton Digital debuts Webcast Metrics Ranker for Latin America, expanding its benchmark measurement product

triton digital canvasToday Triton Digital is making the first expansion of its Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker since that influential monthly report started in 2009. Called the LATAM Top 25 Ranker, it lists the top performing digital audio publishers and networks in Latin America as measured by Webcast Metrics. The first report is for January.

As with the U.S.-based Ranker, the LATAM list is ordered according to Average Active Sessions (AAS) — a measurement of Total Listening Hours (TLH) divided by hours in the month, counting one-to-one streams lasting at least one minute. The report also discloses the number of session starts, and the average time spent listening.

As in the U.S. Ranker, the audio publishers and networks which appear on the LATAM list are Triton Digital stream measurement clients. As in all areas of digital audience measurement (e.g. audio, video, display), server-side measurement of client companies delivers precise data (called census data) of streams and listening, but is not necessarily a comprehensive view of the market. Ratings reports that include all businesses (e.g. Nielsen PPM ratings of radio station broadcasts) sacrifice precision for the sake of getting everyone into the picture.

“The digital audio market in Latin America is poised for tremendous growth in 2017, and we are proud to help accelerate this growth by providing the industry with continuous, trustworthy insight through the Webcast Metrics Monthly Ranker,” said John Rosso, President, Market Development at Triton Digital.

So, What Are the Results?

The short story is that Prisa Radio is the leader in stream listening by far in the LATAM Ranker, with 40,579 Average Active Sessions during January. That number is a long throw from market-leader Pandora in Triton’s U.S. Ranker, with its approximately two-million AAS every month. So it’s clear that Triton is introducing this report near to the ground floor, with plenty of upside ahead. (We are looking at the 6:00am to midnight Mon-Sun daypart. The LATAM Ranker is actually two reports, the other daypart being 6:00am – 7:00pm Mon-Fri.)

If you look at the Ranker, you’ll notice some U.S. entities in the list — AccuRadio NPR, 977Music, ESPN, and Cumulus. the LATAM Ranker represents listeners based in Latin America, no matter where they pulling streams from.

Here are the audio publishers and networks represented in the January LATAM Ranker:

  1. Prisa Radio (Several countries)
  2. Grupo Acir (Mexico)
  3. Grupo JBFM (Brazil)
  4. Radiopolis (Colombia)
  5. Cadena 3 Argentina (Argentina)
  6. MVS Radio (Mexico)
  7. Grupo Blu (Colombia)
  8. Imagen (Mexico)
  9. NRM (Mexico)
  10. AccuRadio (United States)
  11. Multimedios (Mexico)
  12. Z101 (Dominican Republic)
  13. Radio 93 (Brazil)
  14. NPR Member Stations (United States)
  15. Igreja Pentecostal Deus e Amor (Brazil)
  16. Radio Top FM SP (Brazil)
  17. Cadena Radial Costarricense (Costa Rica)
  18. Corporate (United States)
  19. Grupo Radio Alegria (Mexico)
  20. Nucleo Radio Monterrey (Mexico)
  21. Megaradio (Mexico)
  22. Nova Brasil Campinas (Brazil)
  23. ESPN Radio Corporate (United States)
  24. Cumulus Streaming Network (United States)
  25. Grupo Grada (Panama)

Brad Hill