Top 15 podcast networks unchanged in Triton Digital July report

Triton Digital released its U.S. Podcast Report for July, ranking top podcast networks and shows. This edition actually spans a five-week period of June 28 – August 1. Its numbers are computed as weekly averages, not a cumulative count.

In the Top 15 Networks ranker based on average weekly downloads, there are no additions to last month’s report … which contained no new entries from the report before that. So continues a locked-in cohort of top networks.

Stitcher Media and NPR take the #1 and #2 spots nose-to-nose with barely any daylight between them. Each logged nearly 30-million average weekly downloads.

That number is significantly down from 35-million in May. James Cridland’s Podnews credits (or blames) well documented Apple Podcasts download bug

NPR News Now continues is top-dog #1 rank in the Top 100 Podcasts (by downloads) part of Triton’s document. (Direct PDF download HERE.) As always, it’s worth noting that NPR published 840 episodes of that hourly show. Crime Junkie in the audiochuck network remained in #2.

Only four of the top 100 podcasts (by download) are new arrivals in the ranker.


Brad Hill