The Podcast Exchange launches TPX Studios production facility for Canadian businesses

Toronto-based podcast advertising company The Podcast Exchange (TPX) is announcing today the launch of TPX Studios, a production facility intended to meet a demand for business podcasting.

TPX’s CEO, Jean-Marie Heimrath, sees the new division as purpose-built for the needs of Canadian business. “We understand brands. We understand internal communications. We’re offering a production service tailored specifically for Canadian business and the Canadian audience.”

In its promotion, the company notes that one in three Canadaians listens to podcasts, and that the on-demand audio category, mobile and immersive as it is, is a premium way to reach customers. The focus here is branded podcasting — shows produced by brands which represent them either explicitly or covertly. TPX has done this sort of work with The Atlantic and Cineplex.

The company’s Chief Content and Technology Officer Jeff Ulster was formerly Director of Digital Talk Content at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). “Our consulting background means that companies don’t simply access a production service,” said Ulster, who co-produces the Canadian Podcast Listener research study, an ongoing project from Signal Hill Media. “They benefit from a deep understanding of Canadian demographics and listening behaviours that are critical to ensuring a targeted podcast that delivers results.”

“For those that embrace the right tools, the result will be higher brand awareness and greater cohesion between senior management and their employees, customers and business partners,” Heimrath said.

Brad Hill