TeamRock goes underground on Friday the 13th — literally, streaming from the London Tube

teamrock radio on london tube map

We received a note from London stream+DAB station TeamRock, with a heads-up about a Friday the 13th stunt planned for tomorrow morning. With morning host Stephen Hill on vacation, substitute DJs Moose and JRock plan to hijack the station from its studio location and take it underground. Really underground, performing the morning show while journeying on the London tube from Southward to Stratford, where they’ll enjoy a well-earned breakfast at McDonald’s.

The escapade begins at 7am UK time. the team will rely on a shaky link-up of WiFi hotspots in 11 stations along the route. “Not only will the guys be tackling the unpredictability of WiFi, it is also of course Friday the 13th,” TeamRock’s publicity department told us.

We asked about what will happen in the case of a failed link-up. Dead air? the team’s high-spirited answer: “We will play Iron Butterfly’s In A Gadda Da Vida and hightail it back to the studio.”

TeamRock is a media company which owns several music magazines. TeamRock Radio is DAB-only over the air, and streams online.

This post written while listening to In A Gadda Da Vida. But we wish the TeamRock team all success.

Brad Hill