Sweden rejects proposal for FM radio shutoff

Sweden flag canvasMany European nations have been pushing for the adoption of DAB technology for radio, with some countries setting clear plans for it to completely replace the current FM system. But not all are jumping on the bandwagon. After announcing a ‘wait and see’ attitude last spring, Sweden’s leaders have officially rejected a proposal to transition away from FM radio. The Swedish Parliament completed its review of a plan to transition to DAB+ in 2017-2022, voting against the proposal with no objection from any of the eight political parties involved.

Sweden has been toying with the adoption of DAB radio for 24 years. Although that effort has stalled out, Sweden has been a leader in other digital technologies. As much as a third of Sweden’s public radio channel listening happens online. The country has also been making strong strides in transitioning to a subscription streaming music market. The IFPI even highlighted the nation in a recent global report for its large percentages of paying digital listeners.

Anna Washenko