Survey: Smart speaker owners use device in living rooms, and games are on the rise

The latest survey from Adobe Analytics explored trends within smart speaker ownership. The majority of respondents (63%) are using their devices in their living room. The bedroom is the smart speaker site for 42% and the kitchen had 37% of responses.

The popularity of smart speakers in living spaces could guide how manufacturers and how voice skills further develop. Adobe found that 20% of smart speaker owners have used their devices for games, and among those people who are gamers, 64% do so at least once a day. Amazon’s list of the top 25 Alexa skills included several games, and this could be a growing type of entertainment for smart speakers.

“We see an opportunity to grow an entire industry of voice-based games for groups of friends having a get-together, or parents looking for an activity for their child,” said Heidi Besik, Adobe Analytics group manager.

Smart speakers are still most commonly used for listening to music, checking the weather, and setting alarms in Adobe’s survey. News updates have been a growing category for the devices. Just under half (46%) of smart speaker users check the news on their device, and within that audience, 77% query their speaker for news at least once a day.

Anna Washenko