Survey: Podcast consumption is growing in Germany

Podcast listening is on the rise in Germany. A survey of more than 1,000 Germans by digital association Bitkom found that 22% of the nation is tuning in to podcasts, compared with 14% in 2016. For a dedicated 19% of the podcast audience, the shows are part of a daily listening routine, while 38% said they listen several times a week.

Among ages 14-29 and ages 30-49, the rate of podcast listening is 30%, while it falls to 24% at 50-64 years old and just 4% for the over-64 group. Smartphones are the listening platform of choice, with 74% accessing shows on the mobile devices. Almost half of podcast listeners (49%) said they tune in while traveling or otherwise on the move, making it the most common activity. The other activities were mostly expected ones — 37% listening while doing housework and 35% while falling asleep — but an intriguing 16% said their listen out of boredom.

Anna Washenko