Survey: European drivers still want (and use) radio in cars

radioplayer logo canvasRadioplayer has shared research into the role of radio in cars, and even though new technology is posing a growing threat to the traditional format, it found that radio remains a valuable feature for vehicles. The organization surveyed drivers from the UK, France, and Germany who made a purchase from one of the top 20 European car brands in the past three years. Of those respondents, 82% said they would not consider buying a car without a radio. Radio listening also remains both popular and common: 84% said they always or mostly listen to radio on every car trip. In addition, 75% of all in-car listening was found to be radio.

“We already know people love listening to radio in their cars – this research is a useful reminder to the motoring industry of radio’s enduring appeal amongst a host of new digital alternatives,” Radioplayer Managing Director Michael Hill said. “Furthermore, it is evidence that the radio and motoring industry must work together to ensure we produce car radios that are simple and easy to use in the digital dashboards of the future.”

Anna Washenko