Super Bowl 2015: Missy Elliott wins the streaming race

football canvasThis year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show had everything: elaborate sets, spectacular costumes, and singing sharks. Thanks to Spotify, it also has some fun data about the performers. Headliner Katy Perry saw an 85% boost in streams of her songs. Streams of her hit “Teenage Dream” rose the most at 139% (clearly on the back of those singing sharks). Lenny Kravitz also saw a 103% increase in streams before and after the show.

But the real winner was surprise guest Missy Elliott, whose streams spiked up 676% after her appearance in the show. Streams of “Lose Control” skyrocketed 1,396%, “Get Ur Freak On” streams rose 922%, and “Work It” streams increased 896%.

Anna Washenko