Streaming audio twice as “authentic” than TV for advertisers. Podcasts? Nine times.

In a presentation deck that cites 35 data sources, SXM Media releases “Digital Audio VS…” — a collection of research which supports the idea that digital audio is a superior marketing channel compared to other media. Specifically, the numbers compare digital audio to four other environments: Television, AM/FM radio, Connected TV, and social media.

Cutely, this presentation fashions digital audio as a boxing or wrestling competitor against traditional media. “Get ready for one-two combinations that prove digital audio is a must in your ad budget,” we are told.

Along that line we are given aspects of audio as a “true stunner” compared to legacy formats:

  • Linear TV: Digital audio is more convenient and accessible (74% of listeners “take it with me everywhere).
  • AM/FM: Digital audio has a higher Share of Voice — 13% higher than radio
  • CTV: A majority of survey respondents say audio helps them “escape from too much visual stimulation
  • Social Media: Here, the comparison is with podcasting, and 66% of listeners say podcast hosts are “more authentic” than other media figures.

Each of the competing formats has its own section with more details and metrics. The “Digital Audio vs Linear TV, SXM Media quantifies the rise of listening, trustworthiness of audio, and an audience groups of “unreachable” cord-cutters:

The deck is packed with metrics from its numerous data sources; well worth a look. It’s free; get it HERE.

Brad Hill