Stitcher brings new fall shows to its free and premium programming

Stitcher, the podcast network within Midroll Media, has shared its lineup of podcasts for fall 2018. The entire series of Wolverine: The Long Night, a collaboration with Marvel, that had been available only to paying subscribers will be made available for the free service. Four new shows are joining the main Stitcher lineup.

In the Dream: Former This American Life host Jane Marie explores multilevel marketing schemes. Debuts on September 24.

Tilted: A show about gender biases and inequalities produced by and hosted by its president, Rachel Thomas. Debuts on October 9.

Sold In America: An eight-episode podcast based on the Newsy video series of the same name about U.S. sex trade. Noor Taguori hosts, beginning on October 10.

Josie & Jonny Are Having a Baby (With You!): A chronicle of real-life comedian couple Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe preparing for the birth of their first child. Debuts on November 6.

Stitcher Premium, the paid subscription program, is also adding two new shows just for customers. Culture Genius is a trivia game from Amber J. Phillips and Jazmine Walker of the Black Joy Mixtape podcast. Purple Panties is an erotic fiction podcast by author Zane.¬†Also, journalist Katie Couric’s podcast will offer a two-part documentary in September marking the tenth anniversary of a major interview with politician Sarah Palin.

Anna Washenko