Spotify prepares Greenroom to become Spotify Live and take main stage

In a move to spearhead realtime audio experiences with live audiences, Spotify is taking its Greenroom product (RAIN coverage HERE) — which was acquired as Locker Room — and repositioning it on the main user page where shows will be promoted alongside a user’s music and podcasts.

The company says this change has been executed. We don’t see any Live shows or promotions in the app, but we suspect they will appear most prominently when actually live.

As standard launch procedure with new content formats, Spotify Live will start with curated shows collaboratively produced by Spotify and celebrities. They include Alex Cooper (Call Her Daddy podcast), comedian Hasan Minaj, DJ Akademiks, and others. Also, Spotify is elevating existing Greeroom shows which have accrued audiences reach; they include Money Moves with Lauren Simmons, Internet People Live with Zack Fox, and several others.

Brad Hill

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