Spotify now available to all listeners in Canada

spotify logo square canvasAfter several weeks on an invite-only basis, Spotify has made its official entrance into Canada. The Swedish streaming platform staked a claim to “one of the most extensive Canadian music catalogues available,” with access to more than 20 million songs in the market. It noted a “comprehensive Quebecois library” within those millions of tunes, according to the press release.

Listeners can listen on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The premium price for Spotify in this new market will be $10 Canadian per month, so the business model doesn’t seem to have experienced much (if any) change in transit. On the advertising front, the service is starting off with several launch partners, including Diet Coke, Heineken, Honda Canada, Subway, and TD. It will also see involvement from global launch partner Coca-Cola.

Anna Washenko