Spotify for Podcasters (S4P) upgrades for customization, discovery, and monetization

Podcasters who distribute on Spotify (the dominant podcast delivery system by far) are recipients of a substantial upgrade of tools for managing the Spotify portion of their businesses.

The just-announced upgrade is in three parts:

  • Managing a podcaster’s presence on Spotify by customizing the show page
  • New insights into how a show can be discovered on Spotify
  • More ways to monetize content

When a listener lands on a podcast page in Spotify, the owner of that page can now manage that experience with what Spotify calls “a more curated introduction to your show.” That means pointing listeners to a specific episode, and recommending other content. This opens the door to cross-promotion agreements with other shows, and curating a playlist for visitors.

New tools allow podcasters with exclusive content to drive awareness and buy-in, via promo banners. They can connect new listeners and existing subscribers to monetization hubs like Patreon and Supporting Cast:



On the data front, Spotify now offers Impression Analytics, described as “the first step in helping creators understand how their show gets discovered on our platform.” Over a rolling 30-day period, podcasters can see how many people landed on their podcast’s pages, where those impressions came from (for example, Home, Search, or Library), and trending data.


Spotify distributes nearly 56% of podcasts via its Anchor platform (according to Listen Notes), making it the dominant podcast delivery system by far.

Brad Hill