Spotify enables clip sharing via Tango Messenger

Spotify, which arguably has the most vigorous social environment of the interactive music services, is pushing social sharing outside of its apps, via a new partnership with Tango Messenger.

Tango is a stand-alone message, game and communications service. Members can interact with texts, lightweight games, animations, and now 30-second music clips supplied by Spotify. The business play is to hook new users into the Spotify music-and-app ecosystem. To hear the full track of a clip, Tango throws the user into the Spotify app — which of course must be downloaded if the user doesn’t already have it.

A quick test of the latest Tango update in Android revealed the music-sharing piece in place and functioning perfectly.

Tango is a four-year-old company with current funding of $85-million. The service has 150-million registered users as of September, and a reported 60-million active monthly users. Spotify has 24-million global actives and six-million paid subscribers.

Brad Hill