Spotify adds Songkick tour info

Songkick, which identifies music tour stops by city, has joined Spotify’s app ecosystem. The concert tracking service can be accessed in Spotify’s desktop program.

Songkick hooks into the user’s Spotify music collection to recognize bands and artists of interest. It starts with that basic information to deliver immediate concerts and club dates in your home town. Everything is configurable; you can add cities and change your artist lineup. In the latter case, the app pulls you into Songkick proper makes you register there, so your Spotify settings don’t get altered by your Songkick preferences.

When Songkick suggests a concert, the information panel includes the venue name (obviously), a map, and a track list of the artist/band for instant listening. There is also a planning tool to keep your concert-going life organized.

We like this integration. It’s a perfect enhancement of Spotify’s native knowledge of your music taste. There are several other tour sites, but plugging that intelligence layer into your subscription music collection is an elegant convenience.

Brad Hill