Southern California Public Radio launches LAist Studios podcast project

Southern California Public Radio has launched a new podcast studio. The project, LAist Studios, is being branded with the local news outlet it acquired in February 2019 rather than with its KPCC call sign. Angela Bromstad, a television veteran, will take the role of senior adviser and will oversee developing the first slate of shows for the project.

LAist Studios will be creating podcasts focused on its home town, as well as shows based on journalism by Southern California Public Radio. It will also have factual and fictional narrative programs inspired by Los Angeles and Southern California. LAist is soliciting pitches from locals for shows that that fall under any of those categories.

“This year, we have found success with podcasts like The Big One and Tell Them, I Am — both of which were uniquely L.A. in tone but spoke to a large national and international audience, showing that the issues that matter to Angelenos matter everywhere, and that the fascination with L.A.-centric stories is universal,” said Kristen Muller, chief content officer for SCPR. “Future projects will do the same, embracing individuals and stories that are reshaping and redefining what it means to be American. We want to hear from and partner with them to provide the resources that will help bring their ideas to life.”

Anna Washenko