SoundStack gets Kast Media for hosting, distribution, and monetization

SoundStack, the multi-faceted audio platform which fashions itself as audio-as-a-service (Aaas), has landed major indie podcast network Kast Media as a new client. SoundStack will handle hosting Kast podcasts, content management, and programmatic advertising. SoundStack is also promoting “enhanced workflow with direct access to SoundStack’s product team.”

SoundStack offers Kast and other clients dynamic ad insertion (DAI), and considers that capability core to its overall technology.

“We’re thrilled to play a key role in helping incredible shows flourish,” said Jon Stephenson, CEO of SoundStack. “Every podcaster needs equal access to innovation that expands their opportunities to reach people and earn more revenue, instead of limiting them. It’s a pleasure to partner with a forward-thinking business like Kast that understands how always doing what’s best for the creator ultimately benefits everyone – publishers, advertisers, and listeners alike.”

“When it comes to podcast technology, there are three essential criteria that will allow Kast to continue to entertain and inform the world through its podcasts,” said Colin Thomson, CEO of Kast Media. “First is tech that guarantees content is always delivered seamlessly. Second, that said content earns as much revenue as possible in order to fund a premium production effort. Third, and of tremendous importance, that content and ads always deliver in a way that puts the listener experience first. We believe that this path of independence with SoundStack will allow for this, and are proud to forge the path together.”

Brad Hill