Soon to stream everywhere: Rogan & Cooper. But Spotify still makes the money happen.

In a near-simultaneous news blast, podcast superstars Joe Rogan and Alex Cooper both negotiated new contracts with their distribution and advertising partner Spotify. Gone are the exclusive distribution aspects of both contracts. That means The Joe Rogan Experience and Call Her Daddy will be available for playback on any podcast app.

In Joe Rogan’s case, Spotify will continue as the exclusive ad sales representative. It’s the same with Call Her Daddy; that deal was struck last fall. (Spotify also maintains exclusive distribution of the video presentation of Call Her Daddy.)

The separation of values, as Spotify peels away from distribution while keeping a grip on monetization, shines an interesting light on the company’s priorities.  Rogan’s show is persistently the #1 podcast in surveys conducted by Edison Research. Owning distribution of a top-ranked podcast is an audience attraction and retention play. That dynamic reaches Spotify’s bottom line via both subscriptions and advertising.

Releasing Rogan from exclusive distribution widens the audience considerably — especially via YouTube. (Both shows produce video versions and Spotify is keeping distro control of Call Her Daddy video.)  The bigger reach increases the show’s clout with advertisers, and generates direct income through more valuable ad sales.

J0e Rogan’s deal is characterized by The Wall Street Journal as “multiyear,” and WSJ reports that Rogan will receive $250M.

Brad Hill