Small podcasts: merch for money. Big podcasts: self-sold ads.

Sirius XM-owned podcast company Stitcher released an array of year-end statistics.

“Listening is back!” the company proclaims. To il;lustrate, a line chart showing average hours and median hours per month:

Stitcher notes that its platform has 463,042 shows, an increase of 13.8% year-over-year.

We’re quite interested to see survey results delving into how podcast owners monetize their shows. Stitcher fashioned a dividing line of 25,000 monthly listeners, and determined the extent to which various money-making methods are used in each category — above-25k listeners, and below-25k listeners.

The smaller shows (sub-25k listeners) use merchandise sales more than any other method (47.2%). The larger shows (25k-plus listeners) utilize self-sold ads the most (57.7%). Other monetization schemes mentioned in this survey include paid membership platforms e.g. Patreon), ad networks, YouTube, donation, and live/virtual events.

The whole report with more detail is posted HERE.


Brad Hill