Shazam releases interactive map of top summer jams

Shazam summer song mapShazam has released a fun interactive map showing the top tagged songs in major U.S. cities this summer. The Local Hot Tracks map displays what tunes people are discovering and identifying, from Augusta, Maine, to Honolulu, Hawaii. (For reference, the top song in Augusta was “Finna Get Loose” by Puff Daddy & The Family, while “Going Nowhere” by Spawnbreezie took the top spot for Honoluluans.) Many charts show dominance by the same handful of artists, but the Shazam tool has a refreshing range of artists and genres represented.

This tool echoes the interesting map Spotify released earlier in the season, which tracked songs that are uniquely popular to different cities. Offering this city-specific data seems like an effort by streaming services to not just engage listeners in new ways, but to tap into the into the sort of local community that terrestrial radio has long cultivated.

Anna Washenko