Shazam presents fun ‘musical twin towns’ site

Shazam musical twin townsWhat does Barcelona have in common with Tunis, Tunisia? How about Tokyo and Asuncion, Paraguay? Musical curiosity, according to Shazam.

The identification app is powering an online tool that lets people explore the most-searched-for songs in 4,900 cities. On top of the top 10 hits for a city, the tool shows the farthest-away place with the most musical matches. The overlap may not always be huge, but Shazam does have info from a sweeping set of locations. Even when music clips aren’t available, seeing which artists have crossed over into which countries is equally fascinating.

The data behind this widget is based on the songs looked up on Shazam during November. It also is using the BBC’s music database to provide playable snippets of the top tracks as much as possible.

Anna Washenko