Shazam and Rdio expand their collaboration

shazam rdioExpanding a deal struck earlier this month, Rdio and Shazam now announce that their collaboration is extended to 29 non-U.S. countries.

Here’s how it works. Users point the Shazam mobile app at a music source, which Shazam identifies. (It is possible to stump Shazam, but in our testing it’s rare.) If Shazam is linked to the user’s Rdio account, that service automatically builds a dynamic playlist called “My Shazam Tracks.” That list is instantly and automatically updated with each new Shazam identification.

This appealing feature is a clear win for all parties — Shazam (which expands its functionality without having to license music), Rdio (which increases its listenership), and users (who get full-song access to all Shazam’d music without any extra work.

The geographic expansion puts this feature in front of 270-million potential users, according to Rdio blog announcement.

Brad Hill