Rumor Fact(ory): Microsoft may launch music locker to supplement streaming service

xbox music logo canvasEarlier this week, sources hinted that Microsoft may be working on a music locker service. Windows Central reported that the company’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, will now automatically create a music folder for your account. This folder would store a person’s own music collection, but sources said it would likely also connect with the existing Xbox Music service.

The streaming platform does currently have a cloud storage option for listeners’ own collections, but it’s similar to iTunes Match in that it scans your files and finds your music within its own catalog. If the new link with Xbox Music does come to pass, OneDrive could become a more comprehensive music hub for both storage and streaming.

Last month, Microsoft announced that it would end the free plan for Xbox Music starting Dec. 1. This news might have simply been a repositioning of the music brand, but these rumors indicate that Microsoft might be working on a more all-encompassing music platform. Xbox Music doesn’t yet have the brand recognition of other streaming services, so linking it up with the more neutral OneDrive service could give it a boost.

Anna Washenko