Rhapsody is officially Napster once more

Napster rebrand AndroidRhapsody has completed its rebranding, and is now officially Napster in all markets. The rename won’t impact any listener playlists or history, but it does come with a redesigned home screen and some other discovery tools. The Global Listener Network offers a way to explore the playlists and favorites of other members, and the Explore section has been revamped for a better experience. People who already have a Napster app will see the name change rolled out automatically through the app storefront updates.

The streaming service announced plans to change its name last month. CEO Mike Davis told RAIN News that the update was about clarity and consistency. “The only country running Rhapsody is North America. Any initiative we do — any brand recognition, any PR, anything that happened for Rhapsody was limiting the exposure to the rest of the world,” he said. “Now, anything we do will have a halo effect across the whole portfolio.”

Anna Washenko