RAIN Poll results: Would you run iTunes Radio ads on your radio station?

survey checkbox poll 01 canvasThe latest RAIN Poll was inspired by the iTunes Radio commercials which ran on a Boston FM station (and presumably other stations). The DJ-read spot (which you can listen to here) was startling to hear, and led us to survey users on this question: Would you run iTunes Radio advertising on your radio station?

The majority answer was Yes, which was selected by 58 percent of respondents. Everyone else (42%) said No.

We invited comments to flesh out the answers. Some selections:

Talk only: “Too close a competitor. (I might on a News/Talk station, but not on a music station.)”

What else is new?“Lots of things you advertise take listeners away from your station. Movies, Plays, shopping malls.”

Not really competitive“Like Spotify, iTunes radio is a complement. Will not replace a real musical radio with a high targeted programming.”

Pointless to refuse“It makes you money with the ad, and they will hear about Itunes anyway one way or another.”

Eh“Why not.”

Don’t share your share“Though most sales departments don’t think this way, the audience of a station will only give you so much time. So why advertise products that will steal time away from your station. I would not advertise Sirius, or XM when they first started. I would not give away TVs for ‘the big game.’ I would fight tooth and nail to not advertise iTunes Radio.”

Duh“For the same reason I wouldn’t run spots for a broadcast radio competitor.”

Brad Hill

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  1. Terrestrial radio guys haven’t changed much. Still using carts, too?

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