RAIN Poll results: Would you buy a data plan for your car?

survey checkbox poll 01 canvasIn the wake of Audi’s announcement of its Internet-enabled 2015 A3 model car, with high-speed 4G LTE connectivity built in, we asked reader whether they would pay for a data plan for their cars. It was the most lopsided RAIN Poll yet.

Readers overwhelmingly said No to spending money on a separate Internet plan for the car. A majority of 83% of respondents voted that they would prefer bringing their own data plan into the car, via a smartphone. Only 17% chose built-in connectivity.

Some readers fleshed out their votes with comments. Selected highlights:

Fine print considerations“It depends, can I bundle my car and phone into one data plan? With the 30 month plan, if the car is crashed or stolen, can I get out of it?”

Special considerations: “For music I wouldn’t, but if the in car system had unique features that were of value, I would.”

Unconditional demand: “I want it free like the radio.”

No need: “I have already purchased independent WiFi for other activities, that seems to work just fine in any car I have been traveling in. I think that it would be a waste of money to buy a data plan.”

Brad Hill