RAIN Poll results: What is your favorite home listening device?

survey checkbox poll 01 canvasWe received strong interest in our latest RAIN Poll, which asked readers to pick their preferred home listening device(s). In addition to the votes, this poll attracted an unprecedented number of comments, as readers were motivated to describe (and brag about?) their home-listening rigs.

Streaming in general led the field, but the combination of traditional stereo setups and broadcast radio receivers was greater than smartphone listening in the home. the poll revealed popularity of the connected-speaker category, with a quarter of respondents indicating that they use WiFi-enabled and/or Bluetooth speakers.

Of all the device choices, the good ol’ computer was supreme in this survey:

POLL - home listening chart

  • Computer (streaming): 51%
  • Smartphone (apps): 28%
  • Wireless speaker (WiFi, Bluetooth): 25%
  • Traditional stereo system (CDs, radio): 18%
  • Radio (shelftop, clock radio): 13%
  • Tablet (apps): 11%
  • MP3 player (iPod, others): 8%
  • Turntable (vinyl): 8%

Featured survey comments:

Device love: “A beautiful Tivoli Internet radio.” “SONOS!” “The Charge by JBL is great.” “I LOVE my Logitech Squeezebox.” 

Analog purity: “Hi-rez audio files (24bit/96khz to DSD) and reel-to-reel tape…honest! I have a LOT of $$$ invested in my audio system and I can’t listen to mp3s or streaming. They horrible on ear buds and REALLY horrible on this system!”

Crossing over to digital: “I have a traditional stereo, CD player, phonograph and even a tape player yet usually find myself listening to MP3s  on my smart phone, to my Google Music purchases, or to the WFMU app.”

Covering the bases: “I play my computer through my stereo system and have wireless speakers in the kitchen.”

Control center: “I have my computer connected to my main stereo. From there I listen to multiple speakers throughout the house. Both wired and wireless.”

Brad Hill