RAIN Notes: Thursday, December 21

Jottings of note:


Elevating with AI

Podcast luminary Rob Greenlee has joined insoundz, in a contract-based business development role. insoundz is an audio tech company based in Tel Aviv, which automates and optimizes sound quality in the post-production phase of audio. “The addition of Rob Greenlee marks a significant milestone in our mission to elevate the podcast industry with AI-driven audio solutions,” says Emil Windebrand, co-founder and CEO. Rob says: “Excited to join the team bringing innovative audio enhancement tech to the podcasting industry. In today’s world, audio quality matters more than ever.” His role will be to “[develop] strategies that integrate insoundz’s advanced audio enhancement tools with podcast production.” Read more HERE.



Triton Digital releases its U.S. podcast ranker for November. As always, the ranker includes shows and networks measured by Triton’s service. As with the October report, the SiriusXM Podcast Network remained in the #1 spot on the Top Sales Networks Report, with 43.7M Average Weekly Downloads and 13.2M Average Weekly Users. Wondery came in again at #2. The top three podcast shows, based on downloads, were Crime Jumie, Dateline NBC, and Morbid. Debuts — podcasts entering the ranker for the first time based on downloads — include We’re Here to Help (Audioboom), The Broski Report with Brittany Broski (Audioboom), and Against The Odds (Wondery). See the interactive version of the ranker (which allows sorting) HERE.



Lex Friedman, frequent RAIN Summit speaker and ex-Midroll, ex-ART19, ex-Amazon and Wondery, and now an industry consultant at large, is Heather Osgood’s guest on the her most recent Podcast Advertising Playbook episode: Podcast Ads Need a Human Touch. “When you’re getting a host read ad – there are a variety of different hosts. Not everyone is a professional radio announcer and podcaster, which is what makes it beautiful but also makes it hard,” Lex observes. See or listen HERE.



December 21, 2023

Brad Hill