RAIN Notes: Friday, December 8

Jottings of note:



Evergreen Podcasts announces the aquisition of the podcast Reddit Readings (The RR Show), which shares stories from Reddit in an immersive audio format. The transaction was facilitated by Heather Osgood of The Podcast Broker (and founder of the Podcast Advertising agency). Evergreen promises this deal to be “the first in a series of content acquisitions for Evergreen that will continue into 2024,” according to Evergreen Chief Content Oficer Gerardo Orlando. READ


Newly Wrapped

While Spotify Wrapped fulfills a cultural touchpoint for listeners, data storytelling site Chartr has created “Spotify’s Q3 Wrapped” — a financial breakdown of revenue, cost, and profit in the third quarter. The data are taken from Spotify’s SEC filings. It’s a nifty infographic which clarifies the immense financial difference between the company’s free listening and subscription businesses, and pulls out cost of revenue and different profit lines. See the full-size infographic HERE.


December 8, 2023

Brad Hill