RAIN Notes: Tuesday, November 14

Jottings of note:


New Hire

Toronto-based The Podcast Exchange (TPX) notifies us that Gwen O’Toole has joined the company as Director of Sales. She is currently Chair of the Publisher Council at IAB Canada, and she has fulfilled sales roles at Star Media Group and St. Joseph Media. Prior to this assignment O’Toole was Digital Strategy Lead at Quebecor Media, and owns a deep understanding of the unique French Canadian market.”I am so excited to be joining The Podcast Exchange,” she said. “Audio is not only a personal passion of mine, but has been a professional one too.” More HERE.


Elusively Wrong?

“Something, it seems, is rotten in music streaming; it’s just that nobody seems to agree on what it is.” That’s from a recently posted research paper by Meredith Rose, Senior Policy Counsel at research company Public Knowledge. The paper examines how money does (and does not) flow through the music streaming ecosystem: from consumers on one end of the value chain, to artists on the far other end. It details the structure of the industry, the history of how it came to be that way, and the legal, economic and technological forces at play. The abstract is HERE, with a download link.  (h/t Doc Searls.)


When in Sweden…

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek doesn’t sleep much. Up late, up early. A workout every morning. Also a walk. He reads a lot. Into the office by 10:30am. Works there for about 10 hours. Not many meetings — three or four a day. He makes his big decisions late in the day. All this from Entrepreneur.com meant to showcase an example of Swedish lifestyle. READ


November 14, 2023

Brad Hill