RAIN Notes: Wednesday, September 13

Jottings of note:


Seeing It

What is a podcast in 2023? Rob Greenlee, podcast savant and Founder of Spoken Life Media, says that many people incorrectly perceive podcasting as an audio-only medium. YouTube’s aggressive appropriation of video podcasting has changed that presumption, Greenlee observes. And Spotify is also expanding into video podcasting. There are implications for content creators, and there is a steady “essence of podcasting.” READ



Matt Deegan, Creative Director at UK-based Folder Media, and Director of both Podcast Discovery and Fun Kids, and RAIN Summit speaker, has earned a fellowship from the production and distribution company Radio Academy. It is the highest honor (well, honour) recognized by the Academy. The announcement was made at the second annual Radio Academy Festival in London. “I’ve always been motivated by doing a good job for [listeners], however they listen – radio or podcasts,” Deegan said. There are three other honorees as well. READ



Spotify has unleashed yet another personalized playlist product — it’s called “daylist.” Daylist evolves during the day, effectively morphing into multiple lists. is actually multiple lists during the day. The changes are based on each user’s discernible daily listening tendencies. “Throughout the day, your mood changes, and so does the music you listen to,” Spotify says. As such, it’s a dramatic acceleration into micro programming compared to the classic Discover Weekly, or the genre playlists which are updated at indeterminate times. Mre details HERE.


September 13, 2023

Brad Hill