RAIN Notes: Monday, August 21

Jottings of note:



Pew Research, source of several key audio and listening studies, celebrated National Radio Day (Jan. 17) with key facts about radio listeners and the radio industry in the U.S. It’s a collection of seven key metrics from various sources, some of which (such as the NPR weekly broadcast audience trend) we have covered before. A couple of data points: Revenue is dropping at radio news stations, and podcast listening is trending vigorously upward. (HT: E.B. Moss) READ


It’s a struggle

“Spotify hits record numbers of users worldwide but struggles to monetize growth” — that analysis comes from Insider Intelligence, which compares Spotify’s user growth with slower revenue growth. The analysis complains that “newer Spotify products don’t have a solid pricing strategy” — pointing out that audiobooks are purchased individually, not bundled into the subscription price. READ or LISTEN



“TikTok has not only realized its influential role in recorded music, but has overtly and clearly decided to pursue a major position within that world” — that’s a summary point in an article analyzing TikTok’s recently completed licensing deal with Warner Music. The arrangement makes Warner’s entire repertoire of recorded music available for licensed use on TikTok, and the TikTok Music specialty app. READ

August 21, 2023

Brad Hill