Apple beefs up podcast subscription platform with three meaningful additions

Apple has news for podcasters as Podcast Movement begins in Denver today. In one of the most feature-laden upgrades we’ve ever seen, three new (and important in our view) tools are added to Apple for podcasters:

Subscription Analytics: Subscription podcast owners in Apple Podcasts now gain a deeper understanding of analytics. In the Overview tab, podcast owners can see how many listeners started a free trial, the number of paid subscriptions, the percentage of listeners who convert from a free trial to a paid subscription, and the estimated proceeds generated from their subscriptions — and much more. (Info HERE.)

New Delegated Delivery partners: Delegated Delivery is Apple’s system of ingesting podcasts from their hosting platforms. In today’s announcement, five new hosting platforms are added to that system. They are:

  • Audiomeans
  • Captivate
  • Podbean
  • Podspace
  • Transistor

The third leg of this new-product stool involves Linkfire, a “smart link” provider best known as a simplifying and centralizing marketing tool for music — used by top artists and labels, the company says. Today LinkFire is hooking up with Apple to announce its expansion into podcasting. Formally called LinkFire for Podcasts, it’s a marketing and analytics tookit which integrates with Apple Podcasts.

A deeper view of all this is advisable, and Apple provides it HERE.

Brad Hill