RAIN Notes: Thursday, August 3

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We learn from Radio Ink that Delano Lewis, ex-president of NPR, has died at age 84. Lewis was the first Black president of NPR, and also held government positions in the Justice Department and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission during a lengthy Washington career. Bill Clinton appointed Lewis ambassador to the Republic of South Africa. According to current NPR CEO John Lansing, Lewis once referred to his NPR stint as, “I never worked so hard for a pay cut in my life.” Wikipedia


In The Running

The 2024 Ambies podcast award program begins its nomination process. It’s a long window — nominations are open until November 17. Podcasts are eligible if the first episode is available before December 31. It ain’t free. An early bird pricing period lasts until September 15, costing $150 per submission for members and $200 for non-members. It goes up from there. (Scholarships are available.) If nothing else, the cost discourages casual submissions by fans; in fact all shows must be entered by a producer, creator, or distributor. Judges are Academy members. Awards happen next March. DETAILS


Play Ball

Bryan Goldmark, head of sales at the Locked On Podcast Network, is a guest on Matt Cundill’s The Sound Off podcast. Locked On is a sports network holding 200 shows focused on NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, and college football, serving 25-million listeners. Goldmark has a radio sales background. “One of the thing I found very interesting is how much Locked On feels like one big on demand sports radio station,” Matt Cundill noted. LISTEN


August 3, 2023

Brad Hill