RAIN Notes: Tuesday, August 1

Jottings of note:


Skipping The Duplicate

An interesting piece of research by Pacific Content in collaboration with Signal Hill Insights tested listener reaction to an audio ad created for cross-platform use. About half of the respondents said they would skip it — the most common complaints were “too loud” and “jarring.” The point: Podcast advertising is a unique creative category that should be approached independent of creative made for other channels. READ


Happy Anniversary

iHeartMedia’s My Cultura podcast network will celebrate its second anniversary with a live event in Los Angeles. It’s in the iHeart Burbank Theater on Thursday, August 17 in the evening. It will also be streamed; tickets are required for both. Get them HERE.



The Podcast Index offers a quick way to get a grip on the current size of the podcast creative market, and how it has grown over the past 90 days. Today it reveals 4.2-million total podcasts in the index. Also, a creative acceleration is revealed. Over 90 days, 486,570 new shows dropped, and 223,248 of them launched over the past 10 days. That 10-day production represents 46% of the 90-day output. VIEW


August 1, 2023

Brad Hill