RAIN Notes: Thursday, July 27

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Is podcasting the new streaming TV for advertisers? Is podcasting a good way for advertisers to reach college students? How can advertisers know they’re effectively reaching their target audiences? These and other questions are answered in an informative conversation between TPX VP Jeff Ulster and TPX President Lina Kim. The transcript is accompanied by data charts from TPX and Signal Hill Insights. READ



The Poglomerate announces an executive promotion, as Marketing Manager Madison Richards is elevated to Senior Manager of Marketing and Audience Development. She will report to VP Joni Deutsch. CEO (and RAIN guest columnist) Jeff Umbro says, “Our clients are lucky to have her working on their shows.” The Podglomerate network now represents over 70 shows. See them HERE.



Congress is stepping into the AM-in-vehicles fight. A bipartisan bill has been introduced which would mandate U.S. car builders to include AM radio in the dash. Some car companies, already in the process of eliminating AM from future dashboard designs, note that the electric drive train interferes with AM signals. No danger there; the issue is that the AM signal will sound bad. The proposed bill asserts that AM is crucial for delivering emergency information more effectively than FM, which is technically true. READ MORE


July 27, 2023

Brad Hill