RAIN Notes: Friday, February 3

Jottings of note:

Boiling Down the Artwork

Heather Osgood, founder of True Native Media, has posted a bullet-point tutorial on how to create a good podcast art logo. Four key principles define good artwork. If doing art still seems too hard for audio specialists, the fifth principle provides a kind of salvation: “Hire a professional.” READ


185 Nominees

The Podcast Academy released its nominee list for the 2023 edition of the Ambies, which is the Academy’s annual awards program. Twenty-six categories showcase 185 podcasts in one of the best and most high-profile discovery resources around — not a clunker in the bunch, presumably. Voting is open to Academy members, through February. The ceremony happens March 7, hosted by Larry Wilmore. SEE THE LIST


A Healthy Sign

Roger Nairn, Founder and CEO of branded podcast producer JAR Audio, notes: “I see all this talk about economic slow-down, drop in podcast listening, the sky is falling etc etc,” and he denies it. He observes that his operation sees brands slowing down the pace of conceiving and developing a podcast, because they are taking the medium seriously and are involving more staff upfront. READ

— Friday, February 3

Brad Hill