RAIN Notes: Tuesday, May 30

Jottings of note:

Sexy Success

Jeff Ulster informs us that the French language podcast Sexe Oral is the number-one podcast in French Canada, and owns the top spot of women’s podcasts in all of Canada. Putting aside demographics, the show (produced by Studio SF) holds the #3 spot in all of Canada. Jeff calls it “the best-kept secret success story in Canadian podcasting” in his recently posted blog entry. READ



Paul Riismandel (Chief Insights Officer and Partner, Signal Hill Insights) announces his upcoming presentation webinar: Demystifying Brand Lift: Measure How Audio Ad Campaigns Resonate with Listeners. “Solve the mystery once and for all,” he promises. The 30-minute session is free, on June 20, and will include case studies. Register HERE.


Label Lobbying

Reminiscent of music industry legal outcries in the late 1990s, Google is receiving takedown requests to remove search engine links to sites which instruct people how to download YouTube music videos — known as “YouTube ripping.” This label lobbying effort includes what could be described as overreach, when the request includes removing links to Wikipedia pages which refer to video-ripping skills or link to instructionals. Informative explainer in TorrentFreak by Ernesto Van der Sar. READ


— Tuesday, May 30


Brad Hill