RAIN Notes: Tuesday, April 25

Jottings of note:


Millions of Reasons

The indomitable Pierre Bouvard (Chief Insights Officer, Cumulus Media / WestwoodOne) has released “82 Million Reasons To Keep AM Radio in Vehicles,” a raft of metrics drawn from the Share of Ear ongoing study from Edison Research, Advertiser Perceptions, Nielsen, and Simmons USA to make a case for AM/FM in the car. The AM side gets special attention because of recent announcements that the band will be excluded from some new car dashboards. The car is an important venue for radio, and 82-million people listen to AM, Bouvard documents. Lots of graphs. Read it HERE or watch a video HERE.


The Opportunity

This week’s “Tuesdays with Coleman” feature, presented by Coleman VP Jay Nachlis, spotlights his conversation with data evangelist Hetal Patel (EVP, SmartAudio Intelligence, iHeartMedia). She regards podcasting as an extraordinary opportunity for marketers. She cleverly notes that watching TV while using a phone is common, but people generally don’t scroll on their phone while listening to a podcast. “Millennials listen to podcasts for productivity,” she observes. “They listen to learn something. Gen Z seeks companionship, which makes sense. The levels of loneliness are highest in America right now. While digital media was made to keep us together, it has done the exact opposite.” READ

— Tuesday, April 25


Brad Hill