RAIN Notes: Wednesday, April 12

Jottings of note:

Doing It All

Some buzz happening about Adobe Podcast Beta. It’s a suite of friendly AI-powered audio recording, editing, transcription tools for podcasters who are not fluent in, or eqipped with, legacy production techniques and tools. Adobe Podcast handles general audio recording, mastering, noise removal, text-based editing, and remote recording of guests. Each of these features has been explored by competing systems, and Adobe itself was offering early versions of them in its Adobe Shasta toolset last year. (A Shasta video is still used in Adobe’s announcement page.) SEE


For The People

The Quill Podcast Awards, run by Quill founder Fatima Zaidi, are live for the 2023 edition. “We started these awards as a way to champion content creators that often get overlooked by the big networks,” Zaidi says. She calls for agencies, producers, production houses, and networks to make their nominations. Quill is a 20-person podcast production agency. The awards website is HERE.

— Wednesday, April 12


Brad Hill