RAIN Notes: Tuesday, March 8

Jottings of note:



A Digiday article by Sara Guaglione discusses some anxiety among podcast ad agencies about the rise of dynamically inserted ads (DAI). While acknowledging that hosts can read and riff ad copy in a recording, which is then inserted throughout a show’s catalog, the article also warns against a more general type of programmatic advertising which typically uses pre-recorded spots produced by the advertiser. The worry is that a “programmatic buying process” will “clog up” the category and become more like radio. READ



iHeartRadio celebrates International Women’s Day with special programming tonight, 8pm ET. The celebration stars Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, and Maren Morris. It is promoted as “a celebration placing gender equality center stage,” and will have a biogrphical slant of the three leading female artists, from their girlhood dreams and the mentors who inspired them, to achieving those goals and becoming leaders and role models for future generations. Watch on YouTube HERE. More info HERE.


Deep Identity

“A brand’s sonic identity is to the ears what its visual identity is to the eyes” — that’s Resonance Sonic Branding founder Ralph van Dijk, quoted in a CMO article, “Everything marketers need to know about sonic branding in 2022.” It is a deep dive into the field. “Brands are both maturing in their understanding of sound across a holistic brand and customer experience; while failing to recognise just how far their audio identity extends.” Set aside some time for this one. READ

— Tuesday, March 8

Brad Hill