RAIN Notes: Thursday, March 3

Jottings of note:


True Lyme

What happens when humans re-landscape wooded environments with large deer populations? An indie podcast by California audio producer Eve Bishop provides a deeply resourced audio documentary of that question, set in an unexpected place: The Hamptons on the east end of Long Island, an affluent vacation destination. There, deer cause lethal car collisions, in addition to spreading Lyme Disease, and contribute to an alarming sense of ecological imbalance. It’s a four-episode limited series. The trailer and two episodes have dropped, HERE.


Withdrawal Symptoms

From Australian podcast production house Podshape comes The Glitch, the true story of Dan Saunders, a normal Aussie bloke who discovered a glitch on his ATM card. Over the space of 4 months, he withdrew $1.6 million dollars and spent it on designer clothes, girls, private jets and giving money away — “like a modern-day Robin Hood,” the promo says. This story gets spun into an eight-part series. We see a trailer and one episode HERE.


The Entirety

Conal Byrne, CEO of iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group and best known as the executive face of iHeartPodcast Network, has posted a series of predictions whach are both concise and boundless. “The entire internet will be a podcast,” Byrne predicts. Media publications will continue to adopt audio, and text-to-speech advancements will enable “every article on the web” to be a podcast. See the rest of Conal’s future-gazing HERE.

— Thursday, March 3

Brad Hill